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Water Purifier Services

Pure Water, Pure Life: Service Excellence in Every Drop

  • 01. Visual Inspection:

    Check for damage or wear.

  • 02. Performance Evaluation:

    Assess water flow, taste, and odor.

  • 03. Filter Replacement:

    Sediment Filter: Every 6-12 months. Activated Carbon Filter: Every 6-12 months. RO Membrane: Every 2-3 years. UV Lamp: Annually. Post-Carbon Filter: Annually.

  • 04. System Checks:

    Leak Test: Check connections and fittings. Pressure Test: Verify water pressure. Electrical Check: Ensure functionality of electrical components.

  • 05. Adjustments:

    TDS Level: Adjust for desired water quality. Flow Rate: Ensure optimal flow.

Kitchen Chimney Services

Clear Air, Clear Mind: Elevating Your Kitchen Experience

  • 01. Comprehensive Inspection:

    Perform a thorough inspection for any physical damage and assess overall performance efficiency, including suction power and noise levels.

  • 02. Deep Cleaning:

    Offer deep cleaning services for filters, interiors, and exteriors to remove grease, soot, and ensure optimal airflow.

  • 03.Filter and Motor Maintenance:

    Replace inefficient or damaged filters and conduct maintenance on the motor and fan, including repairs and lubrication.

  • 04. Ductwork and Electrical Safety Checks:

    Clean ducts, repair any leaks, and perform electrical safety inspections to ensure all components are functioning safely and efficiently.

  • 05. Performance Optimization and Customer Education:

    Adjust settings for enhanced performance, provide customers with tips for daily maintenance, and educate on energy-efficient usage.

Water Heater Services

Warm Comfort, Lasting Safety: Expert Care for Your Water Heater

  • 01. Safety and Efficiency Inspection:

    Conduct a thorough inspection to assess the water heater's safety features, check for any signs of corrosion or leaks, and evaluate the overall efficiency of the unit.

  • 02. Sediment Flush and Cleaning:

    Perform a complete flush of the tank to remove sediment buildup, which can impact efficiency and longevity, followed by cleaning of the heating element and tank interior.

  • 03. Thermostat and Heating Element Check:

    Test the thermostat for accurate temperature control and inspect the heating elements (or gas burner in gas heaters) for proper operation and signs of wear or damage.

  • 04. Pressure Relief Valve Testing:

    Ensure the pressure relief valve is functioning correctly to prevent overpressure conditions, testing for proper operation and replacing if necessary.

  • 05.Anode Rod Inspection and Replacement:

    Check the condition of the anode rod, which protects the tank from corrosion. Recommend replacement if the rod is significantly corroded to extend the life of the water heater.

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